Sounds 1998-2008

List based on performances dates.


People's Music No.2 (2008/9)
[Verbal Score]
6daEXIt Improvisation Ensemble Concert, Theatre Aneton/Thessaloniki,
Version made by: Eva Giantzi, Vassilis Hatzimakris, Sapfo Pantzaki, Issidoros Papadakis, Antonis Rouvelas, Zesses Seglias, Lena Tsagkalidou, Stelios Tsairidis, 5/4/2008

People's Μusic is a collection of 17 verbal scores that have no structural connection with each other. The purpose of these scores is to provide ideas for improvisation sessions and not to build a “piece” by combining them. Every score in People's Music is an autonomous unit. 
These improvisation exercises explore various important parameters in music-making, enabling performers to develop their own response to matters of melody, rhythm, solo playing, collectivity, form and structure, the human voice, ostinato playing, timbral exploration, inventive use of found musical material and the limitless creative investigation of instruments and objects.
Score can be found here

People's Music No.16 (2008)
[Verbal Score]
Concert of 6daEXIt improvisation ensemble, Theatre Aneton Thessaloniki, Version made by: Sapfo Pantzaki, 05/04/2008



Nacht in der Stadt (2005/06)
for piano, violin and violoncello
[Conventional Notation Score]
Dimitria Festival Thessaloniki, Theatre Aneton, Performers: Lenio Liatsou (piano), Thodoros Patsalidis (violin), Vasilis Saitis (violoncello), 16/11/2006
Score can be found here

Momente (2004/06)
for flute and guitar
[Conventional Notation Score]
Dimitria Festival Thessaloniki, Theatre Aneton, Performers: Yannis Anisegos (Flute) and Kostas Makrigiannakis (Guitar), 16/11/2006

Quatre pour Six-Music pour quatre Saxophones (2005/06)
Contemporary Music Festival of Molina del Segura, Ars Musicandum Saxophone Quartet,
Spain, 2006 Score can be found here


Dromena for String Quartet (2002/04)
Presented by the Molinari String Quartet, February 2005, Salle Redpath, McGill University Montreal/Canada, Third Prize at the Second International competition for Composition for String Quartet by Molinari Quartet, Montreal/Canada
You can find the CD here


Resonanzen (2004) for piano, clarinet and flute
[Conventional Notation Score]
Andere Saite Composers Union Concert, Minoriten Saal Graz/Austria, artresonanztrio, Sylvie Lacroix (flute), Petra Stump (clarinet), Isabel Perez-Requeijo (piano), 18/11/2004
Score can be found here


Les Autres - Musikalische Bilder aus Geschlossene Gesellschaft von J.P.Satre für Ensemble (1998)
[Conventional Notation Score] 
Concert of the Ensemble for new music of the University for music and performing arts Graz/Austria, Minoriten Saal Graz/Austria, Dir: Edo Micic, 18/3/2002

FUSA - Etude über den Krieg (2001)
Computer music presented in a CD production by iem graz 
Presented in Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, Music University of Graz/Austria, 2002

SCHEDI for violin solo (1999-2002)
Presented by Ensemble for new music of University of Music Graz/Austria, 2002.
Violin: Jorgos Zacharoudis


Le Hasard (1999) for piano, clarinet and flute
[Conventional Notation Score]
Concert of the Ensemble for new music of the Music University of Graz/Austria, Minoriten Saal Graz, Aliki Jianniou (piano), Maciek Golebiowski (Clarinet), Zoltan Pados (Flute), 21/05/2001


und dann kam die Dunkelheit (2000)
[Conventional Notation-Open Form]
Ensemble: prepared piano, percussion, three female voices, speaker and dance. Presented by "groupe ensuite graz" and Elfriede Moschitz (Dir.), December 2000, Minoriten Saal Graz/Austria, Voices: Miriam Ahrer, Annette Giesriegl, Saule Seryte, Percussion: Manfred Josel, Piano: Hsin-Huei Huang, Dance: Klaudia Reichenbacher